Implementing Real CMDB Baseline Solution with ServiceNow


Many organizations have a need to:

  • - Discover what IT Assets they have AND
  • - If those assets are in compliance with the company’s IT and Security policies

ServiceNow does an outstanding job with its Service Discovery capabilities to access and discover Configuration Items. However, this only addresses 50% of the challenge that companies face.

Comparing IT assets and their attributes to what a company’s policy allows positions IT to respond to Security issues, Financial loss, Audit & Governance, etc.

At Savli, we have developed a custom ServiceNow Application that:

  • - Discovers and/or ingests an IT environment: Servers, Networks, Storage, Multi-media, Software, etc.
  • - Compares discovered CI and relationship to their allowed Baselined templates.- 
  • Initiates alerts to Groups or external applications when a CI is determined to be out-of-compliance.

Use cases for this CMDB Baseline Application include:

  • - Alert a Security Group in real-time if non-permitted software or hardware is discovered.
  • - Alert IT & Auditing if a server OS or patches are out of compliance.
  • - Verifying that a collection of related CIs are configured and connected as permitted.


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