Customizing the ServiceNow Service Portal

One of the keys to delivering effective IT Service Management (ITSM) is to ensure that the customer is kept informed on the status of their “requests” and, more importantly, empower them to act when necessary.  The Service Portal that is delivered with the ServiceNow Platform provides a wealth of capabilities to support that objective.

Savli Group has implemented the Service Portal at several of our current engagements supporting a federal agency.  We have migrated users from the legacy Employee Self Service (ESS) interface to the new Service Portal.  During this migration, we discovered that the customer “lost” several capabilities that were available to them via the ESS interface.  Accordingly, we leveraged the power and flexibility of the Service Portal to remedy this situation and developed widgets to deliver the following capabilities:

  • Present a list of all active tickets for a particular “mission” to all users who were members of the related “mission group.”  The out of the box (OOTB) widgets in the Service Portal permitted the individual submitting the ticket and the person the ticket was submitted for to see the ticket; it did not permit that access to be shared to a group.  Savli configured a “mission group,” in ServiceNow that captured all the members of the operational organization who were involved in that particular “mission”.  We then developed a widget that showed all tickets submitted for that “mission” to all members of that “mission group.”
  • Modified the ticket status widget to display the name and phone number of the IT Staff individual assigned to the ticket, thus facilitating direct conversation between the requestor and the IT Staff member about that ticket.  This was necessary as this agency does not have a Service Desk to provide ticket status information.
  • eService Requests for new accounts that are awaiting approval by an individual were enhanced by modifying the ticket status widget to include a button that the user can click to send an e-mail reminder to the approving individual.
  • Created a metrics widget where individuals in a particular “mission group” can look at common metrics of all tickets submitted for that group.
  • Created a widget that will present ALL tickets submitted by a user to them, no matter what their status.  This allows users to track the history of all tickets they have submitted via the Service Portal.

These additional capabilities provide the appropriate members of the business element (mission) much better visibility of their IT requests to efficiently manage their business/mission.


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