Implementing Service Strategy in ServiceNow

IT Service Management (ITSM) systems have typically been focused on the Service Transition and Service Operations phases of the Service Lifecycle—operational “ticketing” systems.     Unfortunately, many of the issues facing ITSM implementations are a result of decisions that are made in the Service Strategy or Service Design phases and by the time those services are ready to go through Transition into Operations, the issues are already imbedded in the Service.  ServiceNow, with their Project Portfolio Suite (PPS) applications, provides the capability to address that challenge.

PPS, initially introduced as the Service Strategy suite of applications, provides the capability to capture customer “ideas,” run them through a validation process to ensure that they meet the business need and CAN be implemented in their current IT environment.  Once validated, the data from the idea generates a “demand” that the business and IT Staff can work together to document via a ticket.  The demand ticket captures the stakeholders, detailed requirements, test plans, resource plans, cost plans, stories (if using Agile development), and project schedule(s).  This information is used to decide whether this demand should move into implementation.

This is where it gets interesting.  A demand, depending on the scope and complexity, can be linked to a Portfolio, Program, or Project in the Program and Project Management (PPM) application.  Activities can then be: 

• Executed and tracked against resources, linked to an Agile development effort (using the Stories documented in the demand), or linked directly to a Change Request

• A demand can be linked directly to a Change Request

• A demand can be linked directly to an Agile Development team for implementation.  Releases in Agile Development can be linked to a Change Request to implement them in the operational IT environment.  

This flexibility to move from a documented, approved “demand” into an “appropriate” (based on organizational capability and scope of the demand) implementation methodology is unique to ServiceNow because of the seamless integration between PPS and ITSM modules

ALL the above is completely transparent to both IT Staff and to Users.  The integration of PPS with ITSM in ServiceNow provides the end-to-end visibility into the IT Service Management lifecycle that is not available in any other single tool suite.  Savli Group has the necessary ITSM/PPS integration expertise to aid companies in implementing this robust capability in support of their ITSM implementations.

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